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Our Equipment

The two inch Country Crush is the original and most popular size revolving grip training tool.
Use the Raptor Handle from Country Crush to train your hands individually.

Country Crush was developed in 2014 in California City, CA.

It's creator, Raymond Cote, came up with the idea to help his wife recovery from a wrist injury. Ray's inspiration was to combine two different workouts into one innovative tool.

The original Country Crush handle was a 2" double lifting handle that articulates in a natural progressive motion to allows for overall body development by focusing primarily on hand, wrist, and forearm training. From there the idea grew into a line of interchangeable grips saving money and the hassle of carrying several complete handles.

At Country Crush, we strive to provide the best in product quality and customer satisfaction.

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We are COUNTRY CRUSH and we are dedicated to improving the strength and fitness industry through quality products and innovation. We strive to help people with their strength goals by providing the highest quality equipment available.

What People Are Saying About Us

Joseph Drellack is a member of Minnesota Muscle Arm Wrestling and is known for his amazing training tutorials covering techniques, training regimes, and coverage of tournaments all while pulling with some of the best arm wrestlers to ever walk this earth like Richard “The Leviathan” Lupkes.


“The Natural Born Killer” Drellack

Michael “ Monster” Todd has 20 National Championships and 16 World Titles making him one of the most decorated Arm-wrestlers in history and in December 2014 Todd decided to help step his game up by training with the Country Crush.


Michael Todd

Craig “The Disciple” Soubliere (Pictured Right) is a professional arm wrestler and former bodybuilder who hosts the nation’s best arm-wrestling radio show (The Soubliere Report on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio) and has been involved with COUNTRY CRUSH  since its infancy.


“The Disciple” Soubliere