(Here is Country Crush Mondays! Episode one is focusing on Cable maching work. This workout routine includes one and two hand training. Contact Raymond Cote for ordering information. The Country Crush will take you to the next level. Get Crushing today! Subscribe for more weekly videos. Thanks for the support!)


Here it is!! Country Crush Mondays Episode 2. In this weeks epidsode I focus on rehab and getting the blood flowing to critical tendons. The Country Crush is a phenomenal training tool that everyone needs to try out. Stay tuned for more Crushing it! Peace


Here is Country Crush Mondays Episode 3. I took a couple weeks off from my weekly video productions in order to complete some projects for some very dear friends of mine. I also focused on Table time in this break period i took. Now i am back, and better than ever. Videos will continue to flow as expected. This weeks episode contains some deadlifting, shrugs, wrist curls, and ending with a static pullup hold. Thanks to the Raymond Cote family for creating such an awesome training handle! Thanks to everyone for watching and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE. Take care everyone. Peace be upon us all. Stay Tuned....;)


Here is another Epic edition of Country Crush Mondays. Episode 4 contains alot of the basic exercises i perform on a cable pully machine. I am taking it very easy on training this week due to the upcoming 2015 Wisconsin State Championships on Feb. 21st. I cover lat pulldowns, wristcurls, and a couple of variations of rows in this video. I also threw in some pushups at the end. Enjoy and thanks for watching. Click on the links below to Order the


Better late than never!! Here is Country Crush Mondays Episode 5!!! I decided to change it up with the routine today. I headed outside to show off the versatility of the #awesome and #epic Country Crush. Pushups and pullups are essential for my arm wrestling routine. Thanks for watching everyone!!! I truely appreciate all of the awesome continued support. Peace and love to everyone.


Here is another awesome and EPIC episode of Country Crush Mondays!!! In this weeks episode i am focusing on wrist curls. I just had a practice yesterday, so i am pretty sore still. Thanks for watching! Enjoy! Please take a minute to SUBSCRIBE if you havent already. Peace


Here is the latest episode of Country Crush Mondays!!! Today's episode contains virtually every workout i do with the awesome and epic Country Crush! My hook and toproll are coming along very nicely! Cheers to progress in Armwrestling training and the future! Thanks for watching! Much love Peace!


Here is Country Crush Episode 8!!! It has been way to long since my last Country Crush video!!! This weeks episode includes a couple pullups with the Monster Country Crush, deadlifts, and some side pressure training with the Baby Crush. All of this made possible by the man himself Raymond Cote. Much love goes out to the Cote Family 🙂 🙂


Country Crush Episode 9 coming at you!!! Pretty short and sweet this week. My hands and wrists are still very inflammed from the 2015 MN State Armwrestling Championship that was held in Henderson, MN. This week it is just some basic wrist and hand rehab with light weights and super light resistance bands. Thanks for the awesome continued support!


Here is Episode 10 of Country Crush Mondays. Country Crush Mondays is a video series in which I share how I integrate the Country Crush into my normal exercise routine and the specifics of its use in my Armwrestling training routine. Thanks for watching. Follow on Facebook and Subscribe if you enjoy :)Peace


Here is the latest addition to Country Crush Mondays!!! I am taking it EZ on my hands and wrist for a good while, so i apologize for the weakness of my lifts everyone :/ Thanks for watching and all the EPIC support. Please take a minute to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE :)Peace


Here is the latest Episode in my Country Crush Mondays youtube video series. This week is all about having fun and listening to your body. Never train if that little voice in your head says not to. Thanks for watching everyone. Take care and have an awesome and exciting rest of the day 🙂 Peace