Craig "The Disciple" Soubliere

“COUNTRY CRUSH handles are phenomenal in working your Wrist and Hook. I really like how the COUNTRY CRUSH isolates my wrist, and forearm to get my lats involved! It's a great piece of equipment! COUNTRY CRUSH Baby! What are you waiting for? Get in the game, if you ain’t training with one, then you ain’t training baby!”



"Great products! Definitely buy these products, they are top notch!!"

Jody Williams

"My favorite handle is the Raptor (made by Country Crush), it gives you three different angles to choose from to train with, where other handles don’t give you that. Also, another feature Country Crush has that others don’t is that the handles are interchangeable. It’s a win, win!"

Edgar A. Guerrero

"Once I decided to get serious about arm wrestling training, I wanted to get the right equipment for the job. I got 4 different Country Crush handles for my team and they have helped us tremendously! Highly recommend them!"

Ultimate Armwrestling League

Armwrestling/Strong Grip

"The UAL is very particular about branding and who they choose to deal with, this includes products, host site, staff, and equipment. The UAL is always looking for products that can enhance a competitor's edge. The Country Crush products does exactly that, enhancing the grip, wrist, finger, and forearm strength. Depending how you use your County Crush, it can also help strengthen your tendons. Country Crush has been very creative on product enhancement and has proven to be a first-class manufacturer. The UAL is pleased with the product and uses the Country Crush handles as awards for our competitors. This is a professional product that UAL supports."

Tim Bresnan

"When the Country Crush handles come out we know it's going to be a hard day at gym. Would recommend EVERYONE try the handles that Country Crush produces. I have personally seen the machine shop where they produce them - very old school. And quality is #1."

Anthony Appello

"We’ve been using the handles for a couple years now... it is, by far, the very best for strength gains and overall reliability! I now make my Martial Arts students (MMA fighters) use it and now have introduced it to my wrestling kids on the high school team I coach...
Want results then use these products!"

Frank Dias


"Team Silverbacks in Florida loves COUNTRY CRUSH handles! We have a 4" Colossal Crush and it is indestructible! If you want to be a better Puller then buy a Country Crush handle."

Paul Douglas Passmore

"I converted from MMA to arm wrestling back in 2014. I always had a strong arm and great work ethic, but quickly found out that there was waaaaay more to arm-wrestling than just a strong arm. I found that there was a tremendous amount of technique and hand, finger, and wrist strength involved as well. I constantly got my wrist busted back and hand taken by those God forsaken top rollers. It was a very frustrating time in the startup of my arm wrestling career. It seemed that everyone could take my hand once I stepped into the pro ranks. I rarely won a match, then I found Country Crush. I bought my first handle, which was a Monster Crush back in 2016 then quickly found out that it was too much for me to start with so I ordered the 2 inch grips. Then it wasn’t very long before my hand fingers and wrist became strong enough to stop most top roll attempts made on me during matches and I could trap them into my hook. Then I got the raptor grip and the Combat Armsports power pull table and was able to add a tremendous amount of horsepower on the table and I have progressively moved up the ranks. It is now 2019 and I am a two-time AAA national heavyweight champion and two time PAF national super heavyweight Champion. I credit much of my success to CC's bulletproof invention of the Country Crush and Raptor handles. I have used them regularly for around 3 to 4 years now and they are just as good as they were the day I bought - they are very truly bombproof. I’ve put in the hard work with the right tools and I’m gaining very much success because of it. I recommend Country Crush to anyone who will listen and who is interested in becoming better at Arm wrestling. It made all the difference for me and still continues to help me improve."

Danny Adkins - AFTERMATH-ARMs

"Turned my poor little weak Hand into the Strongest part of my Technique NOW. When I started seems like Everyone could bust through my HAND. After only a few Short Months of Training with my MONSTER CRUSH handle, My FINGERS and WRIST have solidified so Much. NOW, the same guys are trying to Beat - ME to my POWER. Which is IRONICALLY now my Hand. Next on my WISH-LIST. A Set Of simulator HAND-HANDLEs and a RAPTOR."

Bill Schumer

Game Changer

"After seeing the Country Crush handles for years, I finally decided to pony up and give one a shot. I can't believe I waited so long! The Mega Crush is a game changer; I absolutely love the 2.5" dual handle. It's so smooth, and the pump you get in your forearms is flat out ridiculous. The Raptor Cone also has a permanent home on my pulley machine in the gym. With all of the options available and the ability to switch out the grips, you can't possibly go wrong with this handle."

Steve Pettis

"I have partnered with Country Crush and purchased all three handles. I started training with them for an Arm-wrestling match. I have used them attached to a BowFlex. The tension and angles that I get using these handles has prepared me very well. The handles all work different parts of your hands, wrist, and arms.
When using them for dead lifts the game changes completely. Very amazed at what these handles can do for you. I also have these for demonstration at events and they are always a big hit."

Anthony Joe

"Five stars! I picked up a Country Crush handle at The Arnold and love it! For my forearms and biceps it's crazy! I love the burn and the pump I get from it!!!!"

James Orlando

What Are You Waiting For?

"It has been an honor to be involved with Country Crush since the beginning. I can tell you that if you don't have a handle that you're truly missing out."

The Happy Hillbilly

Grip For Days

"I own every handle. Even the Chrome Crush. All handles are used regularly. My personal favorite is the Chrome Crush. The quality of everything I have is top notch. You couldn't kill a handle if you hit it with a tank and the pump you will get in your forearms is the best. Nothing on the market today or in the future will ever compare. Definitely a family product - you will be able to pass these handles on to all the generations following you. The quality of the handles will make them an heirloom for eternity."

Corey West

Unrivaled Amazing Product

"Wonderful product that has definitely played a large role in my recent success in the sport. I train with both the Raptor and Country Crush almost daily and highly recommend them both."

Big Frank

Speed Up Your Strength

"2 years ago Country Crush heard I accepted a match against Devon Larratt - what most would consider a suicide match. They knew I was working with an amazing team in Erie, wanted to help my training, and sent me a handle. I used that handle in almost every training session. Mind you, I was sponsored by Fat Gripz who had custom made every size for me with my name, but this handle had the unique feature of articulation. Being a bodybuilder and weightlifter the majority of my life, I was shocked at how quickly my size and strength changed. I was using muscle and connective tissue I hadn't before. The result was Devon complimenting me saying I was much stronger than he believed I'd be. Am I a world class arm wrestler? No. But it caught me up to many who have been training several years longer. And the handle has many miles on it. It's been to many expos and now sits in Catalyst Gym in Buffalo, NY for the competitive strength teams to use and they love it. There are many knock-offs I've seen that without a doubt could lead to injury. There's only one Country Crush!!"

Joe Schwartz

Got The Handle... Now Need The Gear.

"Making a comeback after a decade long absence from powerlifting. First thing I did was order the new Country Crush deadlift straps and wrist wraps to go along with my handle."


"I've had the Country Crush Raptor and Country Crush Handle for some time now and I can tell you that it has helped me incredibly with my strongman allowing me be able to hold on to Atlas stones, deadlift bars and Axle bars much easier. If it wasn't for the Country Crush handles, I don't think I would be where I'm at today with Strongman or in Armlifting. Country Crush has allowed me to be better Strongman and a better gripper. I've tried a lot of handles on the market and this is by far the best."

Anthony A.

My Handle

"It does its job Perfectly! I’ve had nothing but amazing results using it! Can’t wait to get the raptor next!"

Iron Bull


"I’ve owned a handle since December of 2018 and love my two-inch handle so much and now I own the 2 inch Country Crush, 3 inch Raptor, and the 3 inch Monster Crush. I’ve used my handles weekly for a variety of different exercise/movements. I highly recommend Country Crush and it’s handles."

Big Mike Cagle

Country Crush Handle

"Best tool for building hand control ever made."

Helen Strauss


"I have been an athlete competing now for 6 years. 5 out of those 6 years, I have trained with the Country Crush Handles and I contribute all my success to the handles. The handles articulate and create a positive resistance creating more demand on your hand, wrist and overall grip. I competed in the APL World Championship which is for grip. I brought home 3 Bronze and 2 Gold Medals. If not for Country Crush I Know I would not have done so well. Thank you Country Crush!"

Nashville Arm Wrestling

Country Crush Is Our Favorite Tool

"The Raptor and the Country Crush handles the best tools I've found in my 15 years of lifting for, putting size on your forearms, training your grip and increasing general training effect. I use the Country Crush for Lat pull-downs, bent over rows, and of course the Country Crush deadlift. I use the Raptor for curls, side pressure, cupping, flat finger pressure and much more."

Redneck Ray Moseley

"I have been a member of team crushing it for a very long time. I even have one of the handles from before they were easily interchangeable. I also have newer handles including a Chrome Crush. All of my handles see rigorous use. Several world records were set on my handles. I have beaten my handles, dropped them, rolled biscuits with them even. And they are just as good today as the day i got them. You cannot beat the quality or durability of a Country Crush."

Joseph “The Natural Born Killer” Drellack

“This is hands down, without a doubt, the best training tool that I have ever purchased. Country Crush absolutely destroys the competition."


Best Handle Anywhere

"This is by far the best handle around. You will be hard pressed to find a better tool."


“The Country Crush is one of the very few handles I have used that completely exhausts the wrists and forearms in a way that few devices ever have. It is easy to attach to any pulley with a carabiner and do wrist curls, static holds and partial reps while doing one’s back work. Not only is it built like a tank, but it would be helpful for anyone desiring wrist and forearm strength."


“After using the Country Crush the past couple months, there has been a significant increase in size and strength in my crib, wrists and forearms No other tool currently available at my local gym has the capacity to focus the intensity right where it is needed most.”


“Impressed with the handles mate... 2 days 2 workouts... Really hits my hands… I think it’s the best bit of kit out there. Thanks so much from Australia!”


“I’ve been training a lot with the Country Crush. Getting stronger every single day. It’s a great piece of training equipment and I've found that no other training tool gives me so much pump in my forearms as your product. My arm wrestling has significantly increased. I’ve been even trying to do some deadlifts as well, but I'm afraid I'm nowhere near the guys you post on the page. Yet... Thanks so much! Stain from Norway”


“Thank you Country Crush for your time and dedication in making this fine piece of workout equipment. I’ve had the Country Crush for a while now it really gets the arms pumping. I’ll be using this a lot in my workouts."


“Love the Country Crush and the awesome burn after. This tool is amazing for so many different workouts and is a must have in any gym! Definitely my favorite!”


“Just wanted to let you know that the Country Crush handle is great! I use it 2 or 3 times a week. It just smokes my fingers and forearms. My body building friend loves to use it. Thanks!”


“The Country Crush has become a staple in my workout routine for arm-wrestling. In the month that I’ve been using it I've built a stronger hand and a noticeably stronger wrist and hook. I’m able to give guys matches that before I could barely do anything with. I love this handle!”


“I recently purchased the Country Crush after hearing all the great reviews from some of the best pullers in the world, and I gotta say it is one of the best training tools I’ve ever used. I’ve lacked strength in my wrist and hand, and since using the Country Crush I can feel a big difference in those areas, among my forearm as well. I’m excited to see my skill level and strength rise to new heights, to anyone looking to up their game definitely needs the Country Crush!!!"


“Awesome product! Pumped forearms in just a few sets. Awesome for seated rows!!!Looks cool and very sturdy. I recommend buying a carabiner depending on what gym you go to due to connection hole sizes. Love this Product!!!”


“Awesome product. Blasts your forearms. Very unique movement that is perfect for arm wrestling and grip sports. Get one!”


“I absolutely love training with this piece of equipment. I have been lacking in my wrists, but I can feel the Country Crush working the hell out of it. Not only in my wrists, but in my hands, forearms and Lats too. I also use it while doing shrugs and curling exercises. Thank you Country Crush for your hard work and amazing handles. I love them and highly recommend them.”


“Just wanted to say that I LOVE my Country Crush. I’ve been working out off and on since I was 14, I am now 37 and the Country Crush is the best attachment I’ve ever used. It gives a GREAT pump just doing normal workouts and totally isolates the forearm muscles! The pump from the Country Crush is the best I’ve ever had."


“The Country Crush is the best tool I have ever used. Don’t get me wrong I like using other high profile tools but I use the Country Crush A LOT more. I can’t Wait to use it again tonight! Team Desert Arms BABY!”


“Country Crush is the game changer that everyone has been waiting for!”


“I received this product a few weeks ago and it is definitely great for building stronger forearms and grip strength. Really like the Country Crush!”


“I Love my Country Crush!! It’s an integral part of my daily workout! I don’t know how I ever survived without it! Before I was just lifting weights and not getting a full burn for my arms but now I work every Inch of my arms. It’s the best two-handed handle I’ve ever used!!”