Kayley Lewis

Country Crush recently had the chance to speak with phenom from Conneticut, rising women’s star Kayley Lewis!

Q. So Kayley, how old are you?

KL. I just turned 14.

Q. At what age did you become interested in the sport of armwrestling and why?

KL. At age 13, last year and because my dad competes as well.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration in the sport?

KL. My teammate, Cathy Merrill. She is a multi-time national champion, and she is always helping me in one way or another. Also, my coach, Badger Drewes from Granite Arms. He pushes me hard to do my best.  .

Q. If there was one person you could meet involved in the sport, who would it be?

KL. Lincoln Hawk…Does that Count?



Q. What do your friends think of your passion for armwrestling?

KL. They are indifferent to it. But that is because they haven’t seen it. I brought my friend, Hannah, to practice one day and got her on the table. She did well and thought it was a lot of fun.

Q. Do any of them try to challenge you?

KL. The boys do, but they don’t know what what a top roll is, haha

Q. Who are your biggest fans and supporters?

KL. My parents would be.

Q. What are some of your training secrets?

KL. It’s not really a secret, but I’ve been doing karate for about five years now. I compete at tournaments in sparring, forms, weapons, and board breaking. I’m also on the demo team, and an assistant instructor at my dojo, Body Works. I think a lot of the fitness and discipline I get from karate has helped me in arm wrestling.



Q. Do you train with any special equipment?

KL. Yes, I use my dad’s stuff. Mostly, the Wrist Wrench, the yellow ball handgrips, and the Country Crush.

Q. Tell us what some of your biggest wins are.

KL. My first tournament at the Maine State Championship in March, 2015. I took second place in kids 13-16, and third place in women’s novice right hand, 0-145 lb.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to begin competing in armwrestling?

KL. Be serious about your training, don’t goof around with the equipment, and put a lot of effort into your training. But mostly, just have fun.

Q. Who would you like to arm wrestle and get a win over?

KL. Dawson Lane from Maine, and Alexia Maxwell from Rhode Island. They are both great arm wrestlers.