Mike Ayello

First I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to let people into your life. I’m looking forward to learning what it takes to become an elite athlete like yourself. So here we go.

(Q)How long have you been arm wrestling?

(A) I have been arm wrestling professionally for 7 years.

(Q)Who got you started?

(A)I got myself started. I worked security at clubs and bars in NYC and I used to beat all the other bouncers, so I saw a tournament online and I entered the amateur class and went undefeated. 12-0 that

was actually the first time I saw an arm wrestling table. That was April 2009. Next tournament I pulled pro.

(Q)What arm wrestler dead or alive has inspired you the most?

(A)The puller that inspired me the most was Richard Lupkes, watched old YouTube videos of him in 1980s gym pants at the sit down tournaments jacked out of his mind and smashing people.

(Q)What kind of equipment do you use?

(A)I’m not a huge equipment guy when I train arm wrestling, but I do like the country crush and top roller.

 (Q)What do you think about the Country Crush Handle?

(A) The country crush handle is a very innovative piece of equipment, it really works your hands wrist and forearms, I definitely advise everyone to incorporate this into their workouts.

(Q)What are your thoughts on the use of steroids in the sport and do you think they should ban them? 

(A)It’s a complicated issue and a moral issue. Obviously steroids are in every sport, has been for over 50 years, it’s a personal choice if you want to use or not. Everyone wants an edge and being in a sport where power is 70% of you winning people will do what they have to do to win. Period. No I do not think they should be banned.

(Q)Now there’s WAL,PAL,UAL and so on. What do think about leagues and arm wrestler contracts?

(A) I am signed to WAL for 5 years, and I’m very happy I did. Steve Kaplan is a fair guy, lets us pull in tournaments that are not UAL, PAL which is fine, I mean I was invited to ZLOTY TUR. And Vendetta this year but wasn’t allowed. Whatever that’s the business end I guess, all good.

So are you excited about your super match with Robbie Topie at the Battle In The Desert 2 in September?

(A) I cant wait for this tournament its going to be sick. I’m pulling Robbie Topie (Righty) thank god lol but the amount of talent that will be there is going to be epic. Probably best tournament of 2016

   (Q)Where do you see the Sport in 5 years? 

(A) I see it growing, there’s a ton of talent coming out.

 (Q) Do you think the tv show Game Of Arms boosted the sport?

(A)GOA has definitely boosted the sport big time. we. had over 1 million viewers and it showed people  what.   arm wrestling is all about. I was glad to be part of it.

(Q)What do you think would help arm wrestling become a mainstream sport like football,soccer,baseball,and basketball?

(A)I hope so! I wouldn’t mind a multi million dollar deal , tanning and waxing gets expensive!

(Q)How long have you been married? 

(A)Married to my wife Lenore for 12 years.

(Q)How many kids do you have? 

(A)We have 3 boys.

(Q)Where did you go to high school at?

(A) I went to Bayside High School in queens NY ..no I didn’t go to school with Zack Morris and A.C slater.

Well there’s a small part of Mikes life , I hope that you enjoy and learn what it takes to be an Elite  athlete.