Scott Warren

We had the chance to sit down and interview two amazing brother’s in the sport of Armwrestling, Scott and AJ Warren.

We will start with Scott “The Ambassador” Warren (pictured on the right)

Congratulations Scott on being Country Crush’s co-arm wrestler for the month of March 2015!

Q. Who got you started in arm wrestling and how long ago?

A. I got started into arm wrestling by tagging along to watch my brother do it, and being persuaded into trying it my self after a few beers with Mr. Jamie Sheldon. 

Q. I’ve noticed that there’s the UAL, WAL and Elite, the newer league that’s based in Oregon. If I were to choose a league which would, in your opinion offer the best contract? Do the leagues pay the arm wrestlers? What are the differences between the three? 

A. I believe everyone knows my stand pretty well. I think it’s simple. Contracts before big money will destroy this sport. The leagues have single handedly divided the best in the US and mostly for next to nothing.  I wish all my brothers the best, if you had to pick a league..pick WAL..but my advice, sign no contracts, commit to no one but your self.  Herman Stevens is a prime example.

Q. How long have you been into Promoting Armwrestling events? 

A. I have been promoting only for half a year. I will be holding my 7th even in 6 months on April 11th 2015 in Norco, CA. hope to see everyone there! Thanks to my sponsor John Buxton for helping make this a great event!

Q. Do you think there should be a second season of Game of Arms, and if so, do you think the producers should choose different teams? 

A. Yes, Game of Arms was great entertainment in myopinion. I enjoyed it more than I do a show like Dancing With The Stars. So in my personal opinion, yes bring on season 2 and I hope it airs soon!

Q. So who is the older brother? 

A. Im older than AJ, 14 months apart.

Q. Are you married? Have kids?

A. No, not married but in love with a beautiful woman, whom I plan to marry. I have two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 5

Q. Where were you born and raised?

A. Born and raised in Chino, CA.

Q. Were you into sports growing up? If so what were they? 

A. Yeah, I played Baseball from ages 4 till I was about 18, then I joined adult softball and played in the upper divisions until I met arm wrestling and decided I had to pick one because they dont mix. Clearly I picked Armwrestling.

Q. Any relation to the great Steve Warren? 

A. I don’t have any relation to Steve that I can be certian of. All I know of him is he was a great arm wrestler and is a  great individual.

Q. Where do you see your self in 5 years?

A. Married, have a home and multi national left handed armwrestling titles.

Q. What advice would you give amateur arm wrestlers? 

A. Best advice anyone can give you, when you go practice DO NOT DRINK! If you want to learn you must keep your mind, ears and eyes open, keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell a pro what you think has worked for you, just do what he or she tells you to do and you WILL see results.

Q. What training tools other than the COUNTRY CRUSH would you recommend training with?

A. When you get started nothing suffices your training needs like actually pulling. It takes time to learn how to replicate those movements in the gym. So in my opinion do your normal workout hit all of your muscles, then pay attention to what movements you do in armwrestling and how you can recreate them in your weight training.

Q. Who to date was your toughest match? 

A. I havent had a tough match left handed.. Those are over in a second. But right handed, my toughest match was Mr. Lynn Brower, that man is a legend of the sport and my win right handed on him is an achievement ill carry for a long time.

One last question. What arm wrestler, dead or alive, has influenced you the most. 

A. Most influential arm wrester to me was probably Don McClary. That man has made me an official family member. I can always force him to teach me, and count on him to be stage side at my matches, coaching me through and getting just as upset as my self when I lose a match because I didn’t listen.

Thanks for the interview, KEEP CRUSHING IT! 

-James Orlando