Steve McGranahan THE Worlds Strongest Redneck.

An Interview by Ray “The Happy Hillbilly” Moseley

I have always been fascinated with strength sports and had a passion for comedy. So it was no surprise that i have been a long time subscriber to Steve McGranahans Youtube and twitter accounts. When this opportunity to write for Team Crushing It Magazine came along, I immediatly sent him a message asking for an interview. I was shocked when one of my long time idols responded with “Cool”. I was completely unprepaired. I had been so excited to be writing for a magazine that i forgot interview questions. I quickly threw some together and had an absolute blast talking with the worlds strongest redneck. Turns out we have a lot in common. We both work or have worked in corrections, we both train grip, we both have a reputation for being strong rednecks and NC BBQ is our weakness. Tell you what, i am one happy hillbilly.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: Tell us a little about who you are, your background, your notable acheivments, Intresting or noteworthy jobs?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Born at Duke in Durham NC played football 4.9 40 yard, wrestled, and throw on track team as a teen was strongest kid in Durham for years. Ran Marathons¥1 ultra marathon 50 miles and triathlons in my 20s could dunk basketball. Started acting and hand strength in my 30s. Worked in a prison for street thugs and gangs started hand strength training. Ripping decks of cards etc. Finished 1st in all USA competition and 3rd in the World in early 2000s Always played sports and always lifted weights. Did feats of strength on CMT Country Fried Videos 49 episodes. 29 episodes of Fat and Furious on Discover Channel.


HAPPY HILLBILLY: You are a comedian and television personality, what shows/movies have you been on?


Fat and Furious Discovery (22 shows)

Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2 appearances)

Country Fried Home Videos CMT (49 shows)

Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge (1 contest)

Jimmy Kimmel (1 video)

Craig Ferguson Show (1 video)

Fox Business News (1 video)

RTL, Germany (Feature)

Gong Show 2nd Place

I’ve Got a Secret (guest)

Attack of the Show (1 video)

Rude Tube Show,UK (1 video)

MTV Canada (1 video)

TRU TV World’s Dumbest (3 videos, 2 shows)

ABC Nightline (1 video)

Ridiculousness MTV (4 videos)

Japan TV (3 shows) (1 video)

Nightline (1 video)


Movies: Disconnect (Director Henry Alex Rubin) video

Say No to the White Girl (Director Tony Brown), Extra

Finding Michael Flick (Director Randy Rogan), Father

Dog Jack (Director Edward McDougal), Extra

Radio: John Boy and Billy Show

CBC, Canada

Stand-Up Comedy: Carnival Cruise Competition at Improv, 2nd

Funny Bone Comedy

Slap Stick

Magazines: Strong Magazine Vol. 1 (Cover Story)

Kung Fu Magazine (Small Feature)

Videos and Skits: Through a variety of creative videos and skits, I mix superhuman strength with comedy to awe folks and drop their jaws.

Special Skills: Taking everyday household objects and putting a new twist on them LITERALLY.

Specialties: Can cook a great grill cheese sandwich with cheap motel iron!

HAPPY HILLBILLY: Which one was the coolest and why?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Coolest was the one buying the most at the time. I love doing CMT pay was great and I could be my own boss. Didn’t have to deal with Hollywood that much. Doing a hunting show now on Pursuit Channel Monday 9 am. Outdoor Blues. Fun hunting and eating animals.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: When did you get into Strongman?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Remember having Guinness Book of World records 1976 Paul Anderson deadlifting 800 on back page. I said I want be strong like that and for the most part I did and am.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: What are your favorite Strongman feats?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Favorite strongman feat. Anything that makes someone learn they can do more with the gifts they have. Its what i do best motivate people to use their gifts from God to help other people get thru life and live a better life.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: What kind of training do you do?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Wing my training want ever I feel like doing that day in the gym. Hand strength over the years has kept a very strong base from all the shows i do. and when I a ton of hand strength it stays for a good while. grippers card ripping bending 8 grade bolt aint cheap so keep that for shows and pre show training. I can bend nails for days so it gets old after 30 or more in a workout. high reps in squats and ton of trap bar keeps me over all strong enough for everyday life. at 55 and can still lift car back end is good over all strength aint got to prove nothing to the world anymore.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into strongman?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Start slow records will come must have strong base or you will get injuries. don’t max but once a month or six weeks water water water and ton of sleep

HAPPY HILLBILLY: What does a Strongman and redneck eat?

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: Any wild game or fish catch i love ill eat anything bought for me. lol brother smoked ribs are the best. NC bbq is my weakness Texas de Brazil is my favorite restaurant here up in the North. I have traveled most of the world love any kind of culture food. Had India food with my boss today for lunch. So anything really.

HAPPY HILLBILLY: Share a recipe with with us.

WORLDS STRONGEST REDNECK: don’t know recipe but my wife’s baklava and pineapple up side down cake. The roast moose she cooks best meat on the PLANET!! its like meat candy


You can reach and view The Worlds Strongest Redneck on his social media. Youtube: Facebook:

Twitter: @wsredneck

Instagram: @wsrednec