The benefits of the Raptor and Country Crush handles

I’m sure if you’re reading this article you already fairly familiar with the country Crush products.

Whether you are a arm wrestler, arm lifter, powerlifter, strongman you can benefit from the Raptor in the country Crush handles. With any strength sport grip is a basic essential if you don’t have it you’re not going to be successful.

I integrate the 3 inch Raptor into multiple portions of my workout not just specific grip training. for instance on a cable machine or with a loading pin you can do bicep curls with them there’s a big difference between doing a bicep curl with a 60 lb dumbbell with a normal sized handle versus a 3in Raptor with 60 lb on a loading pin.  The Raptor can be used for tricep extensions bent-over rows overhead presses with a cable machine that uses are virtually limitless for any competitive sport.  The country Crush handle is just as versatile. I used the three in monster Crush for rows, lat pull-downs, bent-over rows and face pulls to develop the traps.

you can virtually you take any workout regimens and add the handles into the workout to increase the intensity and the workload of that workout. For example doing bicep curls with the 3 inch Raptor works the whole arm your hands oh, your forearms and your biceps get an intense workout when using much larger handles like the 3-inch Raptor. doing a reverse grip tricep extension using the 3in Raptor will also test your grip and help develop the tricep and its size and strength.

Of course for the arm wrestler forearm curls and Country Crush deadlifts are extremely beneficial to building the grip strength and the forearm strength using the wrist as the pivot point.

As a competitive strong man and arm lift your I can tell you if you don’t have a strong grip you’re going to continuously struggle. I’m doing Atlas stones to husafell stones to axle bar deadlift grip is a necessity.

as pointed out in other articles that I have posted grip strength is also associated with longevity of life. Harvard medical School and Yale medical School done studies and posted the results of grip strength in older adults and linked it to quality of life and a longer life span on average.

Now get to the gym and get your grip on!